WE are dedicated to reporting on and sharing insights on a world in change – the human side of change.

As a team, we met each other in and around working at the United Nations in New York. Whilst the international community were fashioning the goals for a sustainable future (transforming the world) our contribution to the global conversation consistently demonstrated that without the transformation of ourselves, we would fall short of realizing a new future.

The 17 SDGs (The Sustainable Development Goals to Transform the World), agreed on by
193 nations, address challenges such as pollution, gender inequality, global warming… To be realized by 2030, these goals speak of ‘overcoming’ and ‘fighting’ and ‘combating’ the issues, but is this not the language of the human as ‘enforcer’ on this planet and is this not the reason why we have caused so much harm in our world?

We cannot assume that the planet is ours to think of and do with as we want.

What then is our position with regard to life? Might we not be able to act as a benign presence that enhances the opportunity of life – for all?
We have to start afresh, to find a new beginning, and find ourselves and each other at that new beginning.
Evolutary News shows the unique processes by which we can do just that and make a real contribution to a different future from our natural place in the evolutionary story.

Only when we SEE the challenges as they really are, within the context of evolution rather than as things ‘wrong’ that we have to ‘make’ right, can we commit ourselves to making a living contribution each day.
The language of enforcement that we use expresses the ‘inner reality’ that we act from – and it is this inner reality that needs to change.

Follow these stories and SEE that life itself is an enhanced opportunity if we can only appreciate and value what the possibilities really are.

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