Waking Up and Growing Up


For more than 40 years, Richard A. Bowell, undertook a deep study of the human condition and came to the singular conclusion: “Until we transcend ourselves, we cannot wisely address the challenges we face on this planet!”

The main insights of this work are laid out here – clearly for all to SEE.

Originally developed for United Nations Staff at UN Headquarters in New York, this work shows the incontrovertible proof that we, humans, face taking an evolutionary next step if we are to continue to live significant lives on this planet.

We cannot go on as we do – scientists say we are on the edge of a ‘sixth great extinction’. We can, however, find a new starting place – inside ourselves, where the future can find us.

Eminent Scientists, Academics and Spiritual and Evolutionary Leaders have proclaimed this work as ‘special and deeply meaningful’, ‘inspiring for the human race’, and ‘spiritually activating a new hope for tomorrow…’

Inside these pages are the ways of engagement – so you are able to feel and experience yourself as a significant purpose and a living part of the future – NOW!