People find it difficult to discern what is going on in our times and all the talk about what is fake or real just clouds perception – but things are what they are.

Let us say that a person has the intention to build a skyscraper and they bring in the services of a building company.

The project is then completed on terms worked out at the beginning, but let us say that the person who owns and has developed the project now introduces 

all kinds of hitherto unspoken conditions about the original contract and all kinds of unreasonable objections to the finished product, refusing to pay, and hiring the services of a team of lawyers on the grounds that they have been misled – to make the building company’s reputation lesser – to deliberately besmirch their reputation.

Then the building company cannot pay its workers so they are forced to have to ‘settle’ and perhaps the terms of the settlement are that they get only 50% of the original agreement and they have to also state in the final terms and conditions of this new agreement that they were very happy to have been in the association with the property developer.

The property developer then uses this coerced statement of ‘satisfaction’ to pursue further contracts… enhancing their own reputation.

Now, this is exactly what is taking place with Palestine, isn’t it?

The payments they receive (that are now being ‘possibly withheld') were never predicated on the conditions that are now being imposed and they will face either going broke or ‘settling’.

As always in the EVO News, politics is not the issue – the issue is human perception – and in this example, unless one tries to see the patterns of honesty and honor (and their absence) one will live in a cloud of fake news and be unable to make a contribution to a new way, built on new foundations.

As we say, the world is dying from within the human – what we see externally is the end result.

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