Some refer to this as a ‘post truth’ age. Misinformation, spin, deceit, withholding… this is the daily news. The onus seems to have shifted on the media to have to ‘disprove’ the conspiracy theories and justify even demanding accountability.

Truth is more than accurate information and telling the truth is more than relaying accurate facts – it is intrinsically entwined with our human purpose…

True – to ‘what is’ – not partisan politics!!!

True to what? If we have lost our way, we go back to the basic constitution that we sought to adhere to in the evolving journey of life. Just one sentence from those momentous first words of the constitution should propel us to re-find, to re-discover that silver wire: ‘To promote the general welfare…’

Do we not know the difference between weakening others (most obviously the vulnerable) to win a negotiation (for the sake of our own benefit in the survival stakes) and ensuring all feel part of the process of promoting welfare?

That millions do not know their fate (in terms of the recent health care bill) while those who are charged to ensure, to preserve to uphold the Constitution argue and take postures is FALSE against the proposition of that original founding position.

We meet others inside the truth of ‘what is’ – and the articulation of ‘what is’ comes from the original Constitution.

Until we re-find ourselves within the purposes of ‘what is’ we will continue to divide nations, peoples, ourselves… and it is this internal tearing that is the breakdown of our times.

Truth is an alignment to ‘WHAT IS’ – not just facts but a living pathway!

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