We have been reporting on current world events, showing that inside each ‘headline story’ there was another reality that showed that the real headline was about the fact that we humans need to change…

Today’s story comes from much closer to home, from the beach near our house on a small Greek island – often referred to as a ‘paradise’.

My wife runs a cat sanctuary and each day we take a team of them for a walk to the beach – they love to sit on the rocks and gaze.

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Lately, we had noticed more and more plastic on the beach so we took some (plastic) garbage bags along to clean it up.

Phase one – we had a simple strategy. We put the bags on the beach and began to fill them with the plastic bottles and bits and pieces on the beach.

Phase two: we had not anticipated that when we turned over the rocks there was more garbage, smaller pieces, fragments of plastic, some recognizable from the tops of bottles of the kind we had used that morning and other bits too small to identify.

At that precise moment, we both looked out at the sea, this Greek island paradise and realized the same thing:

This vast blue water was filled with micro-particles of plastic that
no number of receptacles of any size could be used to gather up.

It was too late, too late.

The pressure that we habitually exert to realize some goals (here cleaning up the ocean) was in vain – it was no longer possible.

This was a new reality, one that we could no longer deal with in old ways – not at the individual level, nor at the intergovernmental level – the consequences of our actions could not be set to right.

Now we faced a different challenge – not one of technology, or strategy, or organization or altering behavior – we humans have been turned inwards to face ourselves…

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