The Global Center is committed, with other organizations, to bringing a different kind of news to people world-wide – a kind of news that supports Human Change. 

Taking current events, we show you the way two worlds are coming closer towards a vital integration point in our evolution story – the external world (in such crisis) and the inner human world (in such confusion).

SEEING what is really occurring is the first step in coming to understand that it is this integration in ourselves with the world where the REAL news can be found.

Only when we SEE can we DO…

Reaction and Response

Former USA Vice President and leading figure in the environmental movement, Al Gore, is talking in his book about “Ecology and the Human Spirit”.

He describes the alarming rise of evidence that ‘charts the inexorable change occurring to our planet…’

“I watched on as a scientist draws the results of that days’ measurements pushing the end of the steep line still higher on the graph. He told me how easy it is to see that this enormous change in the global atmosphere is still picking up speed.”

Now this is alarming, isn’t it? What is taking place in the ecology ‘is alarming’.

Here, from today’s edition of SCIENCE DAILY – there is more dire news about the ecology:

“Europe is expected to see a considerable increase in flood risk in coming years, even under an optimistic climate change scenario of 1.5°C warming compared to pre-industrial levels.

Damage from floods across Europe is projected to more than double, from a 113% average increase if warming is kept to 1.5°C, to 145% under the 3°C scenario.

In terms of population affected, the projected increase ranges from 86% to 123%.”

Alarming… again.

Surely, we must act now, urgently…  and yet our alarm is only likely to last for a few minutes and our actions short-lived.

We want to change things at the point, when information like this crowds our awareness each day – new record temperatures, new flood levels, new highs and lows…. 

And yet, while all this causes moments of alarm and urgency little really CHANGES, even when we know the consequences of doing nothing.

Like the musicians on the sinking Titanic, we seem to be playing the same old song, expressing our alarm in urgent tones while seeming to be oblivious to the imminent consequences.

Where is the Human Spirit?

There is a VITAL shift in SEEING that it is our inner world reactions, awoken by perceived threat, that ensure we try to avert the danger, to arm ourselves to fight or flight…but DO NOT CHANGE us in the way we SEE ourselves in relation to the external world.

How much of the global crisis is couched in terms of threat that we must ‘overcome’ and ‘fight’ to ‘sort out’ and ‘make better’ – all describing a dualistic association with the world.

Have you ever considered the urgency of the future seeking entry into the human systems, showing new opportunity for a conscious chosen response, and how very different this might be from the personal urgency we feel under threat?

The urgency we express in our determination to ‘change’ the world (it must be done by the year 2030, the recent United Nations Sustainable Development Goals declare) is ‘personal - first’, full of reaction to threat and a quite different registration as we would have of the real urgency of the new that is seeking access to the human.

There is a clear distinction between reaction (alteration) and chosen response (real conscious change).

The first urgency gives rise to emotions of anxiety, unsettlement and creates pressures in us of the obvious lack of time left for us to make ‘our’ solutions work, whereas the second urgency is a feeling in tune with the sense of the new and unreleased intelligence being passed to us and the need for us to step forward and ‘under-stand’ and connect to its sequences of update and change.

Just this shift – a new beginning – is real news – news that can only become REAL when we find ways to shift our inner sense of being.

With our partners, we are seeking to support REAL HUMAN CHANGE. Find out more on our events page at: the affiliated websites and spread the news – TODAY!

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