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Did you read our EVO News article on February 2nd on plastic pollution, "Too Late, Too Late..."?  

Gathered from 3 square meters on a ‘paradise’ Greek island beach, hidden on the underside of the rocks… plastic, plastic and more plastic…. (picture below)…

… and perhaps like so many of our readers who, when they read this story, thought that all this plastic needs some initiative to ‘sort it out’.

You might have wondered why we at EVO News warned to resist the usual reactions and, instead, suggested this was an issue of inner change and not just outer action.

After the story was published, here on this little Greek island all kinds of initiatives were put forward to have a ‘day of beach cleaning’. 

Some talked about how they were doing this already and would ‘intensify’ their efforts… but a few days later, the initiatives faded away – back to business as usual.

But… here at EVO News we want to show this is not the issue – or it is not the whole issue to make initiatives and do more intensively what we are already doing – something else is needed.

In the work on EVO Change (Module Three), we show the shift from general awareness to consciousness.
By habit, our ways of living use all kinds of products to make life easy, to make life more comfortable. 

Here, this morning, a couple of miles from the beach where we took the photo of the plastic pollution, a new supply of plastic bottles was delivered by truck to the supermarket – no doubt many of them destined to find their way into the ocean.

Let us try and SEE what is occurring beyond what we see in the external world.

We are made aware (that is a pressure on our systems) that we think we need to do something as a reaction to something we think is ‘wrong’ (the pollution in the oceans) – it causes a sense of alarm in us that we must.

This causes initiatives of all kinds such as ‘clean up days’…

In the diagram below, we see that, by habit, as we try to make life easy, comfortable… and reduce the struggle, we develop all kinds of habits – putting water in plastic bottles, as but one example.

But when our habits seek to ease life, to make life comfortable (without thinking of the consequences), it invariably has some ‘unfortunate’ side effects.

These side effects are the global challenges we are all aware of.

We then set about erasing these side effects (how can we get rid of the pollution), which is an initiative, powered by the awareness of the consequences of our actions that only lasts as long as what is wrong is in front of our eyes.

Now this is the structure of general awareness and the cycle of habitual living. After all, wouldn’t we think it naive to believe we could just ‘change’ this habit – just like that?

We know when we try to change a single habit in our selves like smoking – it has harmful side effects that cause us to make an initiative to have a healthy life style when something is ‘wrong’ (we cough and feel ill etc.) and then we usually drift back to the habit before long.

In the work on EVO Change we show that only a shift to a new level of consciousness, that SEES that it is only when we address the inner and outer world together, that real change can occur.

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