Health Care

We encourage people around the world to read beyond the ‘mainstream’ news and SEE that at the heart of every issue is an imperative for us to change and not just react to the ‘news of the day’.

If we continue to hope that governments and institutions will ‘sort out’ the world’ – we may be out of date in our thinking.

In just reading and hearing these two words ‘heath care’ you might be forgiven for immediately getting involved in hyper-partisan politics, such is the persuasion of mainstream media – and finding yourself on one side of the ‘aisle’, or the other. Then one can only see ‘what is wrong’ with the other side and the fight begins.

The real significance of health care is not to be found inside the fight for resources, but in the way, we each take responsibility for ourselves ‘at all levels’ – including being current and relevant in the great evolution story.

We, humans, as a benign presence on the planet (vs. enforcer), who care about the health of the planet and all life, will naturally seek to explore what part that suggests we might play in the issue.

Science knows well that a life engaged in purpose is a life that generates its own well-being.

There are endless resources of well-being that we can generate in life to make the experience of being human on this planet a significant, meaningful and happy one.

Just let this new re-framing of the challenge reside in you for a moment to know that it already changes our sense of ourselves in life – this is the beginning of a new evolutary platform – as we shall begin to share though these news sheets.

In what way can we humans generate well-being for ourselves and the collective experience of life? Isn’t that also a challenge we face – if not THE challenge of our times?

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