In the ‘mainstream’ news there have been numerous articles about The American Health Care Act, now being touted as the ‘Better Care Reconciliation Act’ (what exactly does that mean?) and intended to repeal and replace ‘Obamacare’.

The case being made is that Obamacare is ‘broken and failing’ and that this new initiative will ‘fix it’… but in spite of its being headline news, is this REAL news?

These articles draw us into the fray as the ‘issue of health’ is about our very survival and the fact that it is in the hands of others with whom we may not agree and who are about to push through a vote from all kinds of unclear motives is worrisome to many.

Ironically, the climate of worry is now being generated across all the major issues of our times and centers on the limited resources that now exist on a crowded planet. This has adverse effects on our health (from stress and high blood pressure to heart disease and more) and in turn, causes a spiraling of dis-ease with undertones of further unsettlement and stress.

Not surprisingly, pharmaceutical companies are ready at hand with new remedies.

We are drawn down into a vortex of ever increasing problems, exacerbated by diminishing resources, that is symptomatic of where we find ourselves at this moment in time in our evolutionary story.

Most scientists agree – we cannot continue in this way of thinking – it is simply no longer sustainable.

But where to begin to be able to SEE a new way of thinking? Before all else, it requires us to bring to a stop the overwhelming impetus of the ‘old’ ways of thinking that general news keeps driving in us.

The words from Huffington Post on this issue of health care ‘skillfully’ center us in the same old dichotomies:

“Keeping protections for pre-existing conditions means sicker people have access to health coverage and medical care, which is good for them but increases costs for everyone else in the insurance pool.” Here the fight between the individual and the collective is laid bare…

… and it continues this theme, ‘protection’ (against threat or attack) ‘increases costs’ (for everyone else) – and once again we are right in the heart of our evolutionary past and the struggle for resources for our very survival.

The competitive fight for resources through the plundering of this planet for what it cannot regenerate hastens the inevitable onset of what scientists are calling ‘the sixth great extinction’.

Can you SEE that health is conditioned in us as an externally based issue and that what care can be afforded (in terms of the available provision of drugs and medical services) is the domain of government policy to arbitrate?

That this cannot go on and satisfy everyone firmly centers us in the inevitable REAL issue of our times that change is needed and this is not just policy but the REAL evolutary unfolding of our next steps!

So, where do we begin? Where is the vital shift to a new starting point to discover what is next? It is in ourselves that this begins.

The ‘evolutary’ process describes the consciousness in us humans of a different part we might play in our evolutionary story – one in which we are responsible for creating the future and not just adapting to the way things are and calling that a future.

Robert Kennedy famously touched this crucial issue in his words: ‘Some men see things as they are, and ask why. I dream of things that never were, and ask why not’.

If seeing we cannot go on brings our old level of thinking to a stop, the question ‘what actually IS health care’ begins a new forward-thinking exploration.

Evolutary News* begins inside our selves

All new considerations about the issue of healthcare begin INSIDE OUR SELVES. What is health? What is care? Are these not states we can generate in our selves by conscious choice, affirmation being the highest level of choice as it affirms ‘what is REAL’?

After all, the consequence of our daily actions amid the complexity of modern life contributes to making ourselves unwell and causes all kinds of harm, from stress to anxiety to lack of satisfaction… can we not begin to consider what brings health and well-being to daily life through self-care?

The Science of Well-Being shows the way to generate health through care for self and others.

As an example, falling into sleep full of contradictions and worries from the day, perhaps taking a sleeping pill, will engender a poor quality of sleep with little refreshment; whereas putting aside those same worries of the day as a conscious act of self-care will support an improved quality of sleep and refreshment.

How many small acts of self-care might we engender towards a very different state of affairs?

Until we SEE that only when humans take a conscious hand in the acts of daily living can a different kind of future begin to unfold. We will always be in shortfall. The downward spiral will always drag us into the mire of conflict and competition until we take up the evolutary process that contributes to a new future. If we don’t grasp the reins the downward spiral can only continue or worsen.

Health and Care are not merely commodities that can be bought or accessed through medical insurance. They are natural enhancements that we alone can CHOOSE to provide for ourselves and all those around us through a different purpose, an elevated purpose, in living for more than just our own survival.

Truly, the way of REAL altruism shows itself when we affirm our own next steps. Altruism is not an impossible aspiration that requires self-sacrifice, as genetic theory often argues, but is a way of service-centered living that enhances the individual and generates new resources for the collective human body as it seeks greater purpose in life and living.

When we step forward and take responsibility for ourselves in the unfolding evolutionary story we SEE a new world is possible – our future depends upon it.


*EVOLUTARY News awakens the consciousness of a person to their human responsibility in the unfolding evolutionary process of life.

Copyright © Richard A. Bowell, 2017

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