There is a difference between countering one view with another while tolerating another’s disregard for your view – however unreasonable it seems – and THIS!!!

To poison the space in which dialogue can occur is not and never can be acceptable, nor can it be tolerated.

It causes us to review what are the core principles upon which we all agree – no matter how we may verge in our understanding and expression of them – and this is such a time.

Each life is born free, is granted the gift of faculty and the grace and grant of living on a planet that has no countries, no borders, no distinctions of ownership.

That we may ‘manage our affairs’ with boundaries is just that – necessary management while we grow up to embrace the full measure of freedom that life grants us.

There is a direction in evolution towards the full recognition of ‘what is’ the case and it is through wise leadership and the maturing of understanding that we can grow towards these higher ideals.

Any attempt to co-opt this evolutionary direction for other purposes acts contrary to the evolving narrative of life ….

This we can fight each day with the encouragement of that core value in each other.

THIS IS THE NEWS and this will always drown out the voices of ignorance that grow in the recesses of darkness and assumption when the purposes of life are forsaken.

Our response to the gift of life must be heard and grown each day.

The prime human generation is ALWAYS from core values and never just from reaction to what is wrong.

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