We all must surely know by now that we cannot continue as we do, acting as we do, treating life as we do – and hope there will be a future for those yet to come. 

All the evidence indicates that the breakdown of our planet, of life on this planet is occurring even faster than scientists predicted.

We humans need to change. 

But what is human change? There is precious time left before life on earth breaks down beyond repair, living as we do on the verge of a 'sixth great extinction’. 

Can we really adapt to this new reality in the few years that remain? Is this the change we are hoping for?

If not (and there is little evidence to suggest it will)

…then what?

The EVO Change Process identifies a set of influences playing out through the human that are affecting an inner transformation at a deep level and that are contingent upon such human faculties as observation and recognition and choice and consciousness of the process that facilitates a shift to a new level of 'purpose-first' living.

The insight of these deep change processes has been assembled into a clear guidance of the way the human race is being influenced towards its next ‘evolutary’ steps – and is known as the EVO* Change Process. 

*The term EVO, being short for evolutary is the unique line of evolution showing itself in these times through a human upgrade and elevation.

From The Global Center For Human (Evolutary) Change / New York  
Representing The Work Of Richard A. Bowell

Let's make this 2018 really count! Try the EVO Change Process for one month and help save the human race from extinction 
– it is that important!


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