From: The Global Center Research Team:

From its inception, we had a vision of the Global Center as a kind of 'human laboratory' – a place where we could safely practice for the future.

While the EVO Change Process offers a coherent central theme about our human next steps, we are mindful of the fact that scientists, evolutionists, people all over the world are coming to the same

If we humans are to impact the world around us we must make a change in ourselves!

Says Xiuhtezcatl Roske-Martinez, a significant voice of a new generation: “The biggest challenge we face is shifting human consciousness not saving the planet – the planet doesn’t need saving - we do.”

We are in the company of an emerging human team that really cares and that brings the great insights of the past into a new relevance in a new time.

Each month we add the voice of someone who is already making a great impact in the world from their own ‘elevated’ consciousness, born of the same perception – we cannot just foist our solutions on the world, we need to find a new place inside ourselves that wants to work together with others, with the planet – as AN EXPRESSION of their evolving humanity.

These experts will be picking up the main theme of the month and talking ‘alongside’ the theme, weaving science and spirituality into a new pattern of thinking… fascinating!

This week, we are delighted to be speaking with our good friend,
Dr. Kurt Johnson, Founder of The Convergence (‘Uniting the Tribes in the Interspiritual Age’), Eminent Scientist and Evolutionary Leader.

Stay tuned!  We will be bringing the voices of our times together into a new global conversation - well, it’s already happening, isn’t it?!

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