Each week, we share a new and original template to support the reader’s own ‘evolutary’ process. Today we are focusing on the way to develop immunity from the stagnating dialogue that the world is sinking into, to be able to center our perception of our growth and evolutionary opportunities.


Seeing Beyond The Current Events

The news is full of such memes that pass like a virus around the world as with this headline ‘Fake news spat divides Arab Nations’. We are being infected, passing on these memes that get pumped out daily and we ‘catch’ the disease of them and talk out from THEIR DNA


This is the really SERIOUS NEWS that we catch the diseases of a level of thinking that lock our perception.

Only when a person begins to SEE beyond that level of conditioning can they PERCEIVE the opportunity to contribute to our common future.

The general level of news is infecting the perception capability of people the world over and creating a cloud that infects the human mental processes so we simply cannot SEE.

EVO News develops the perception from a neutral standpoint – beyond division

There is no greater challenge we face than to be able to really SEE the issues of our times.

It is no longer sustainable for us to think we can solve the world’s problems when we stand upon a platform that divides us and highlights what we think is wrong.

A New Movement of Truth

The only way to gain immunity from this infectious state is to base oneself in what is REAL and what is TRUE and to SEE the world with fresh eyes not mired in division and difference. This is the purpose of EVOLUTARY News – to help the world move forward into this level of response.

The future of life on this plant is at stake – nothing less. Scientists concur we are on the verge of a sixth great extinction. Yet, even when we hear these words our tendency will likely be to carry on regardless of that message.

Behind these EVO News broadcasts, each week are deep and meaningful INSIGHTS about our evolutionary responsibility and the pressing need for us to GROW UP to be equal to our responsibility in these times.

The future needs compassionate and conscious humans who care…

Help us share these INSIGHTS and respond to the major challenges before it is too late.

Copyright © Richard A. Bowell, 2017

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