Each week, we share a new and original template to support the reader’s own unfolding ‘evolutary’ process, a journey we all must take for the world’s sake.

It is worth noting how many challenges we face in our times – times that are now spiraling ever downwards into chaos, conflict, and confusion with no clear resolution in sight.

When there is no space to expand, we are forced back into ourselves and our ‘old reactions’ unless we can find a new place to begin.

In this week’s news item, we SEE the generation of a new science of health care, the science of Well-Being, centered in our part in engendering a new future. This means CONTRIBUTING to a new time from within ourselves, rather than focusing on what more we can ‘get’ from an external system that is already depleted.

This is the REAL NEWS: we can now create a new world where we can SEE what is REAL and what is real awakens our evolutary process of deeper engagement and higher purpose.

The general level of news is infecting the perception of people the world over, limiting their capacity to discern and ultimately creating a cloud that infects the human mental processes and drags them down so we simply cannot SEE.

There is no greater challenge we face than to be able to really SEE the issues of our times.

A New Movement of Truth

Behind these EVO News broadcasts, each week are deep and meaningful INSIGHTS about our evolutionary responsibility and the pressing need for us to GROW UP to be equal to our responsibility in these times.

The future needs compassionate and conscious humans who care…and many more of them.

Help us share these INSIGHTS and respond to the major challenges before it is too late.

Copyright © Richard A. Bowell, 2017

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