New York... The World… Only when we SEE can we DO!

The Global Center is committed to bringing a different kind of news to people world-wide about the single most important challenge of our times – Human Change!


As part of the Human Evolutary Change Project, the Global Center is arranging a series of talks, TV and radio interviews, alongside presentations at the United Nations and to the public, with Author, Philosopher and Evolutary Leader, Richard Bowell.

Richard brings a new level of dialogue in the talks, live forums and writings on ‘Changing the Global Conversation’.

His work is being recognized as the vital shift for humanity in coming to terms with the global breakdown that is occurring, not just in the outer world (the environment, the pollution of the seas and oceans and the intransigent conflicts we now see proliferating), but in the human inner world where dialogue has become polarized and the climate so toxic (inner pollution) that real conversation cannot take place.

“Enforcing one’s point of view and to ‘win’ the argument over others leaves the whole world in conflict. Only when we find a new level of purpose within ourselves can we meet each other in the opportunity of making a real and valuable contribution towards a new future.” – Richard Bowell
The EVO* News shows the template by which the outer issues that occupy our minds daily can be SEEN afresh – through the inner purpose of Human Evolutary Change.

*EVO (abbreviation of ‘Evolutary’) is a reference to the Human Sequences of Existential Change – evolution through chosen response. 

Under Richard’s guidance, participants in these sessions are shown the way to:

  • Resist the usual habitual reactions we make
  • Center ourselves in a new start
  • SEE the issues afresh in which we can make a conscious contribution

At a time when so many people are asking ‘what can I do’, the answer is that we can CHANGE and the first step is to SEE what is the challenge we face (the real news) from a non-dual position and then make a conscious contribution to a new future.

We invite you to experience this vital shift taking place – in yourself!
Join Richard at the United Nations on Thursday, March 8th!

Click HERE to register for this event. 

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