A Fresh Start For Humans

A new study has alarmed that pollution kills 9 million people per year, more than all wars and violence in the world, more than AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria combined and costs $4.6 trillion in annual losses – or 6.2 percent of the global economy.

The conversation then turns to the need for more studies to ‘quantify the numbers’, ‘assess the impacts’, ‘determine the economic costs’, the indication being that the initial estimate was actually conservative.

The pressure will develop for more regulations, stricter monitoring, higher fines etc.

Is there any evidence that this will bring about a new world?

There is, in this time, another way that begins as a fresh start for humans and we share these writings to bring us forward into that new time.

We invite you to not just read them but to feel and register and immerse yourself in what they suggest might be a new gathering place for humans who have not given up, who believe that a different future is still possible.

Many point out that our current ways of living are not sustainable, that we cannot go on as we do – that ‘we need to change’. But what change is it that is being pointed to.

Some suggest that by a certain year or time we need to have weaned ourselves from fossil fuels, as an example, and this is called ‘change’.  For others, the issue of change is about us adapting to the so-called ‘new reality’ that the resources of this planet are not unlimited.

Real change is in SEEING clearly what we humans are to become in our selves, first, and then in everything that we do – for if change does not fit in with a larger evolutionary story, then it can only be another misguided step attempting to prolong our survival on this planet.

Conscious change is to know our purpose within the unfolding of life and, when one does, the self and the purpose become one indivisible and whole.

Time and time again in history the wise of the tribe have reflected that we cannot change at the level that we are – that we must find a new level that acts as a template on letting go what is no longer useful and taking up what is new and, as yet, unexplored.

It is with this meaning that we share with others this sense of a new way, making itself known to those not consumed by their own identity and importance, but willing to be moved into our next steps.

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