We openly talk today about living in a post truth age but STOP AND CONSIDER…

Have we forsaken our natural human search for truth in favor of divisive and bi-partisan politics as a basis for dialogue?

Each week we take an example of current news and show the way to SEE what is real and what is possible in our human response TO THE ISSUES of our times – beyond politics and division.


… the moment at 3:35 ET when Trump announced the United States would line up alongside Nicaragua – which rejected the accord because it was too lenient – and Syria as the only global holdouts from the climate pact may in years to come be remembered for other reasons.

Trump’s foes believe he has put America on a dangerous isolationist path that cannot but energizes its great rival powers…

See in the way the news here is being reported that it conditions us to the same old limiting reactions and overrides in us any deeper new human response – CAN YOU SEE THIS?

The United States, it says, ‘lines up’ alongside Nicaragua and Syria’. This immediately re-enforces in us the perception that America is on one side and the rest of the world on the other and that this is both ‘dangerous and isolationist’.

This ‘news’ then alerts us to the competitive advantage to ‘our rising great power rivals’…

… and by implication stirs in us the fear of loss, of being beaten, of failing… of being on the losing side.

Can you see that now, on the edge of a sixth great extinction when life itself might be wiped out, the planet has become the last bastion of the fight to have competitive edge, to own, to appropriate, over ‘others’ even at the cost of further accelerating conflict on the planet that continues to divide us further.


Is this the way to think about our common future and our shared home? Is this what we want?

Evolutary news is different. It serves a different purpose than re-evoking our old reactions and fears and begins when we can neutralize our old reactions by SEEING them IN OURSELVES.

Unless we can SEE the world afresh and in other terms with other values we cannot stop destroying our common home – even at the expense of all life here?

Beyond this duality, a new human beginning a new start hope.

Can you SEE that, once we become aware of our dualistic reactions induced by the same old fears a new horizon opens up?

INSIDE the issue of climate change is the opportunity to develop our common human values together about the future – but only if we are able to not let the same old reactions take over and limit our perceptions…

*EVOLUTARY news awakens the consciousness of a person to their human responsibility in the unfolding evolutionary process of life.

Copyright © Richard A. Bowell, 2017

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