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The EVO Change Process

Conscious Evolution

'Changing The Global Conversation'


The EVO Change Process is an introduction to the larger body of work on Human Evolutary Change, developed by the author, Richard Bowell.

It began as a program with United Nations staff at UN Headquarters in New York and has developed into a global program about the needs of these times for humans to find a new level from which to address the challenges we face.

Together, with a New York-based research team from the Global Center for Human Evolutary Change, who are dedicated to supporting people world-wide in undertaking a vital shift for humanity – it has been fashioned as an online engagement – for all.

We are all potentially a part of the human team in a time of deep change – seeking a new response to the serious (and joyful) business of living.

Playing a significant part in the future begins inside oneself and in our conscious acts of living that extend out into the world – it is only by transforming ourselves that we can hope to transform the world.

A new global conversation that really counts is emerging, centered in discovering our new part in a new time.

Richard A. Bowell
Assisted by Michael Shewchuk and Kay Dundorf (From The Global Center Research Team)

The EVO Change Process

A coherent picture is emerging of these times being a new phase in evolution.

Across the world, in science, in new discoveries about the brain and in individuals just ‘waking up’, the realization is growing that we humans are being challenged to play a new conscious part in the future, in both the choices we make and the responsibilities we undertake.

There is a growing realization that the parallel movements of a world in crisis and the inner human in existential uncertainty cannot be resolved independently of each other.

Our focus cannot be solely on the challenges we face ‘out there’ in the external world – as pressing as they are – nor, can we withdraw inside ourselves into inner turmoil and freeze, not knowing what to do next.

We are being pressed to recognize that only a new integrative way of thinking that harmonizes the inner and outer worlds can resolve the seeming contradictions of our times – requiring a new level of thinking and being – a simultaneous transformation of our inner world becoming ‘conscious’ and SEEING the challenges we face in our outer world from a new perspective.

See how difficult it is to even describe, so accustomed are we to thinking of our inner world and the outer world as separate, obscuring even the simplest connection between the two that would show that all we manifest in the outer world arises from our inner world.

We are used to acting ‘on’ the external world as if it were an unfeeling, unresponsive resource to mine and plummet at will and in our greed obscuring any consideration of the consequences of our actions. Those consequences, a world in turmoil, now threaten to unseat us from this assumed throne of self-proclaimed authority.

The term 'EVO Change' describes this integrative process that harmonizes these two seemingly separate worlds into one purpose. In terms of evolution, we could say that it is a time of both ‘waking up and growing up’.

This is a new phase in the evolution story in which the level of change underway encompasses all that we may call ‘daily life’ – our practices, our behaviors, our ways of thinking, our responses that have one-by-one shown themselves to have become unsustainable – and bring all to a new elevation.

Even our fundamental relationship with life itself, the planet and the universe beyond, what we ‘believe’ we are in the scheme of things, is inevitably up for a complete rethink.

The EVO Change Process represents a profound undertaking that each and every person can practically engage with in response to a new time – it is the central challenge we face.

The fault lines of our old ‘dualistic’ ways of thinking are becoming exposed as non-viable in our times, while new ways of thinking (and feeling and perceiving…) show the way we can become released into a new level of function and purpose – again, one cannot occur without the other.

We are simultaneously challenged to discover meaning and significance in doing what it is right for a human to do – what our true evolved mature purpose shows us is the deeper reason why we are here on this planet, while we are pressed to accept that fighting what is wrong within a duality (as we perceive it) has little relevance in a new future.

While many of the concepts laid out in these modules may seem new or unfamiliar, and the notion of us taking a hand in evolution also quite unfamiliar for many, once mastered, it will seem the most natural next step – one might even wonder why one hadn’t always seen life this way.

After all, did we really think that we could treat the world as a trash can, as but one example, and not anticipate the levels of pollution that we are now drowning in?

What is for certain is that the time of assuming we can pursue unrestrained greed and exploitation with no consequences has run out.

So, to the EVO Change Process itself

We have spent hundreds of hours wrestling with the best ways to conduct this work through the media of an online month-by-month engagement to share with people from different backgrounds all around the world.

We have settled on nine modules, one released each month, by way of an introduction to the Evo Change Process, with each monthly release highlighting a next step in the unfolding sequential sequence of EVO Change.

But, again, the old language leads us into old assumptions – that the term ‘steps’ might suggest a program that goes from A to B to C to finally ARRIVE at a new destination, ‘D’.

The EVO Change Process is a sequence that unfolds, as is DNA, where a person experiences an increasing realization, an increasing consciousness of who we are within the evolutionary unfolding.

The ‘steps’ from one module to the next show that we are inside all that is needed, inside all that can reveal the new ways – if only we could SEE it.

So ‘steps’ are not to mean that happiness, or contentment or meaning are to be found down the road, but that all of these seemingly elusive qualities are inside daily living as we become more and more able to remove the impediments to SEEING our true purpose and function.

This shift from general awareness to conscious consciousness is the significant opportunity within these times – that is already dawning on some.

The EVO Change Process is part of the Human Evolutary Change Project that is being shared with people around the world. After the initial engagement, participants are then able to continue in the journey of discovery and ‘awakening’ through an open rolling membership as part of our global community ‘We, the Human’.

We are an emerging human team, all part of a new future unfolding that will continue far beyond our own lifetime. This is only just the beginning…

The EVO Change Process Monthly Modules

Each week in each month you will receive a new release showing, demonstrating, evoking a new perception of the EVO Change Process taking place in our times.

The participant’s task is to work with these perceptions and allow the picture of oneself in a new relationship with the world to form up.

It is a throughout change that one experiences and not just new or interesting ideas about change – all part of an integrated whole.

1)  Week One of each month– 'The Event:'

In the first week of each month you will receive, in written form, accompanied by a 10-15 minute video, a ‘step’ in the expanding consciousness of EVO Change.

Again, it is not about change, but is conducting of the living pathway of change – and the new feelings and in-sights are available to a person.

2)  Week Two of each month – 'The Template':

In the second week of each month you will receive a ‘template’ – a diagram with explanation, showing the ways to become conscious of how we can practice EVO Change and bring it into our inner and outer reality.

Each template demonstrates the shift towards an increasing integration of our inner and outer worlds and can become a reference for you as a guide to living consciously.

3)  Week Three of each month – 'Catching the Way':

In the third week of each month we will be looking at the way to OBSERVE the evidence of real change taking place in ourselves and in the world around us – and SEE the lines of connection that make us WHOLE.

4)  Week Four of each month – 'Confirming Evidence':

In the fourth week of each month the Global Center Research Team will be joined by an eminent figure from the scientific / spiritual community in an ‘Inter-View’ – to explore and engage in revealing the intricate web of influences growing between science and spirituality and the confirming evidence of our changing times.

These sessions will be recorded and the videos will be available for you to download and watch again and again. 

'The Way Of The Way'

Understanding the modules needs more than that we just read the text and watch the videos and think we understand them / that we have ‘got it’ as we might say.

One has to breathe these releases in deeply, to insufflate the inner content by immersing ourselves in them, again and again and struggle to feel what they cause in us – just as in the image of the unfolding caterpillar becoming a butterfly.

Imagine, as one of our colleagues suggested, we are in a cocoon, a caterpillar becoming a butterfly – unaware of what all this inner activity, this change event, will amount to.

There will be new feelings, new sequences of thought, new inner shifts of the shape and form of our inner world – it is so far beyond any general kind of description the word ‘change’ has been used to describe.

Stop when something catches you deeply, go over it again and let it stir new thoughts and new insights and new feelings and GIVE YOURSELF THE UNINTERRUPTED TIME AND SPACE TO ENGAGE.

Each module carries an inner shift so profound that even those of us who are pioneering this work can hardly grasp its full significance.

Think of it this way, as one would when one swims in the ocean, there are all kinds of eddies and currents and flows and tides in the water that you can register touching your awareness if you remind yourself to be sensitive – life is subtle and deep and profound as well as shallow and playful and vacillating.

Struggle to register the underlying currents of the work as they touch your (deeper) awareness – there is layer upon layer of significant meaning joining and linking one part to another in this work – this level of change simply changes everything!

These modules are contemplations on our human situation that allow the activation of the whole of who we are and who we can become.

Finding a time of undisturbed quiet to listen deeply is essential.

Some people might read the words and get little from them, processing them as if they were information only, whereas others find that what is contained in each sentence accelerates in them the deep process of change happening to the human race that is profound and significant for the rest of their life.

‘The way of the way’ – as we call it – makes the difference.

Let’s begin with the video below…


Watch your inbox for Module One – Week One: 'The Event'!

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  1. Kay Dundorf

    Wow. How powerfully the message that it is the inner me that must change as this epoch is ending and we prepare ourselves to usher in the new epoch. That is an enlivening message. Thank you.

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