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The headlines from the New York Times briefing sent daily via email says:

“Hurricane Harvey unleashed nature at its fiercest – and humanity at its best.”

Moreover, then there was news about Hurricane Irma – category 5 – one of the most powerful Atlantic storms may
reach Florida in a few days.

Those headlines and the news seem to be screaming a message to us humans, and we are not paying attention.

What will it take to get us to realize we are facing major disaster – the actual extinction of the human race?

We’ve lost our natural relationship with the planet and have been plundering it and using it for our own benefit without any respect for the natural resources that have been provided to us and depleting the very source that supports life.

Yet when faced with these disasters, we humans can step out of our habitual patterns and RESPOND to each other from our shared humanity. It is the armor of those habits that remove us from each other and even from ourselves.

Then a short time passes, and we step back into our habitual patterns – again shielding ourselves. And even worse is how all that surrounds what is needed to address the aftermaths of the hurricane got politicized and used to gain power over another.

So how do we reconnect with ourselves and each other? That is where the real change needs to take place – inside ourselves.

Isn’t that what we see when the NY Times reports that the hurricane “unleashed nature at its fiercest – and humanity at its best.” We see people connecting to their own humanity and responding from that shared human resource instead of reacting or using it for personal gain.

The message remains, WE need to change.

We are told that change begins with awareness. We are regularly observing what other people are doing and saying.  So, it may be easier to see the habitual patterns in others first and then change the conversation in our heads.

Changing that inner conversation then allows for a different outer conversation – one that is more in alignment with our true selves. Meeting each other from a place of expanded consciousness of our part in humanity’s future opens up new possibilities.

The EVO Change Process helps us have different conversations and asserts: “When humans work in common purpose there can be no greater resources for good –it is the greatest untapped resource left on the planet.”

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