A familiar story appears this week that a Hollywood mogul has over decades acted ‘disgracefully’ towards women.

The focus as always is on the person (we know who it is) and the women now coming forward to tell the story of their dreadful treatment.

He is ‘disgraceful’ in the way he has acted and they are ‘courageous’ in coming forward and perhaps ‘we’ who watch feel vindicated in thinking ‘it doesn’t surprise me...’ etc. 

Alongside this, on the same day legislation was passed in India to make it a matter of ‘rape’ if a girl has sex when she is under 18 years old (how they are going to legislate for that – one wonders?).

The male asserting himself on the female is the central ‘alarmist’ feature in these stories.

But it all misses the REAL EVO NEWS that is about ourselves, men and women alike. Unless we humans change from the inside – first, this story can only repeat itself again and again.

We have allowed life on this planet (what determines what we do and how we do what we do) to be male principled. Even when we talk of ‘saving the planet' (as in the recently adopted Sustainable Development Goals at the United Nations) the language is male principled: to eradicate, to remove, to prohibit… applying these attitudes to poverty and pollution and global warming.

Until human life on this planet allows the emergence of the female principle* that invites, that facilitates, that makes way for that value as a first principle, we will create the same consequences again and again.

We think we can rape, coerce, force ourselves on every situation as a matter of daily life and habit – and this perverts our association with life on this planet – we (the human) create a perverse culture.

Real 'Evolutary' Change is needed if we are to SEE that it is inside ourselves (the inner perception) that change begins – what is taking place is screaming this to us all.

*The term 'lady' represents an evolved woman who understands this. The evolved woman / lady is the natural leader of a new time.

It is the co-opting of the first principle of life on this planet by the male principle that ASSUMES it has the right to invade and take and enforce that has established a culture that is wrongly aligned to the ways and principles of life here and the deleterious consequences we SEE around us are everywhere present.

The male principle and the female principle are NOT EQUAL (as in the same) they have equal standing in the natural ‘evo processes’ of life and the emerging narrative of evolution.

SEEING that this misalignment has as direct a link to the behaviors we see in this news story, as global warming has been found to have to our human ways, is evident everywhere – even if we cannot see this link in the daily details of life.

It should have been obvious to us well before scientists ‘discovered’ it and in truth, to many of us, it was!


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