Dr. Wayne Dyer talked of it as a position of witnessing oneself. Oscar Wilde spoke of watching oneself as if one was ‘other’. Many people have described the experience we have, either deliberately induced or in a moment of dissonance, when we see ourselves (how we are and what we are doing) ‘as if’ we were someone else.

This kind of awareness of self has often been taken as a starting point for change – but nothing has been more locking on human evolution and change than this assumption.

This short introduction explores the why level (the purpose ‘why’ we do what we do) to see that this is the fulcrum of real (evolutary) change.

Try asking yourself in any random moment what purpose (why) what you do is serving.

You may be in a queue in a bank, as an example, and you edge forward with small seemingly innocuous steps encroaching on the space of another person in front of you. You are aware of yourself doing it but ‘why’, what purpose is it serving?

Is it not to occupy their space (what) and to create pressure in them as a mild form of threat (how the self is positioned) to get them to move out of the way to give you the edge and gain some advantage (why)? 

The purpose is a small territorial battle being fought at the level of our survival purpose.

Once you see this level, you can see who you (from purpose) are and what you do that habitually re-enforces who you are in alignment to the purpose.

This brings a new insight – we can alter our behavior and the way we act, but when we see the purpose ‘why’ we do what we do we can ask ourselves if this is the purpose we want to serve – a much more fundamental question about change.

It is the purpose (why) that prints the balances and alignment of our self (how we do) that determines the behaviors we enact (what we do) – as we can see in the diagram to the right. Our level of self is a consequence of the purpose we are aligned to.

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