Part Two

Human Evolutary™ Change (a new term) shows that when we choose the purpose it is the purpose that changes us. Until we align ourselves to a new purpose we can only continue to apply the same level of solution to the problems we face that created the problems in the first place.

Let’s see this in a simple everyday example.

One can be aware of oneself walking from the witness position and see that ‘how’ we walk is a consequence of either pressing need (in which case we go quickly), or slowly (with time to spare….).

But what purpose does walking serve beyond getting from point A to point B which has served us in our survival for hundreds of thousands of years?  (Notice that the exploratory ‘why’ question is serving the purpose of trying to bypass the same old answers and evoke a larger field of reference.)

We walk with ideas, with thoughts, with unresolved questions and the act of walking can serve to aid the purpose of exploration.

So many great thinkers have described this, not least Einstein who talked of spending hours trying to work things out and getting nowhere, but when he walked away he discovered bounteous truths appear in him.

Einstein on a walk

Everyday actions can serve a larger purpose. Now one can see that how we walk and what we do expresses an INSIGHT that would not be accessible otherwise. Walking is an alternation between positive and negative signals (left foot/ right hand together and right foot/left hand together) and this can allow things to cook in our head, to ferment and for something new to emerge in a third intelligence.

Now to truly serve the purpose of exploration (as walking can) fashions a very different kind of self than the one with no other thought than getting from A to B – one becomes more conscious of what one is really doing – in this case, allowing some idea or question to find explanation of itself through the act of walking.

Walking need not be just about getting somewhere, but can be about the birth of new thought through the process of walking.

True exploration is a ‘higher purpose’ than survival. It grants the human access to more of the evolutionary narrative to SEE and KNOW what one does not yet know and does not yet see.

We can deliberately walk inside this exploratory purpose. Have you ever seen Japanese Noh Theater and the power of walking with an idea?

Consider the power of this in learning, mediation and so much more… All that I have learned of note I have acquired exploring in this way.

Let us step further to the evolutary level of why, to the great questions of our human purpose where all things originate.

The purpose of exploration expands our intelligence into a larger field of intelligence from which we can ‘farm’ new answers, but if we resist letting ‘answers’ become an ultimate upon us – what then?

Try to SEE that our awareness / consciousness of our higher purpose is in facilitating NEW… intelligence, feeling, perception, spiritual in breath… to be conducted through our open systems.

Human life’s EVO purpose is to be a conduit for evolutionary update.

What kind of self would that form? Surely a level of self that was not self-centered, but open and without attachment (ego-less), a service-centered self.

And what of human action? Would this not be a contribution from service to enhance all things in this world and not just the pursuit of personal gain? Is this not the basis of altruism (which can never be discovered in studying what we do or how we do what we do alone) – that when we give, we are enhanced by higher (spiritual) purpose.

To be in this unique relationship with the unseen and unknown is to discover our true human purpose in living – to facilitate what may be resonating from fields of knowledge beyond the easily and habitually available…

This is our adult relationship to the universe and when we connect to the living pathway of life we are being printed by the universe no less as a new human model (purpose – self – action), as a new appearance in the sequence of human maturing life.

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