The EVO Change Process

Templates for Human Evolutary Change

The human is a template.

Simply put, it can be said that human life is ‘designed’ to be able to facilitate ‘new’ intelligence (from the hitherto unknown and unseen) and to bring it into process and function.

The human design is an open system – it is unfinished and capable of much more that we can even imagine by projecting from what we have already done and have already been in our evolutionary journey thus far.

We humans are not the ‘result’ of evolution, we are a part of evolution – we can play an active and conscious part in its unfolding, but realizing this opportunity takes an elevation beyond general habitual life, beyond what we think we can do.

The EVO Change Process illuminates this opportunity so that any person can take it up – or abdicate that responsibility.

The EVO Change Process illuminates this fundamental choice facing each and every one of us in these times – whether we affirm (the higher meaning of choice) our evolutary next steps or not.

In this, the second week of each month, we focus on the template design as it relates to the module in the previous week.

You will then see that the way the module is written guides the person reading it along the pathways that illuminate the human next steps.

If you deeply absorb the words, taking time to let the sequences of the ideas (that follow the template pattern) replay in you, it will illuminate the pathways in yourself to become conscious of the significance of the human as a template.

Each of the template diagrams will make a whole picture by the end of the module series – a description of the human in full function in the story of life, conscious of its part and clear what it can do in a time of change.

The first template diagram will serve to show the shift from just reading the modules to ‘catching’ the elevation points from a new level of intelligence – a shift about engaging in real change.

EVO Change Templates

Template One

Take some time to contemplate the diagram below:

The diagram is showing two lines that life can follow.

Line One is the ‘Evolution Line’ that we are conditioned by as a survival path.

Line Two is the ‘Evolutary Line’ along which new human opportunity to play a different part in the evolution story emerges.

If we now re-read Module One, you will see that more is being said than at first seems to be said.

Take these words ‘understanding what is being said here comes from a different source than we are used to drawing from’ and ask yourself, did these words stop you?

Did these words get processed along the horizontal line or the vertical line? Depending on which, they prompt quite different responses and illuminate quite different pathways.

Likely ‘NO’, if you processed them along the base line but surely ‘YES’ if they brought you into the vertical line.

When we read along the horizontal line, we expect to absorb the words and ‘understand’ what they are saying and have our own reactions.

It is then likely that we either agree or don’t agree with what is being said, analyzing whether it fits with what ‘I’ think or does not fit and culminating in whether ‘I’ understand it or ‘I’ don’t understand.

The reactions along the horizontal line are to do with things fitting in our world, confirming what we already think or rejecting of them – either way we ultimately cut off with no change having gone on at all.

But the words of Module One, ‘understanding what is being said here comes from a different source than we are used to drawing from’ are deliberately said along the vertical line’ and are/can be changing.

They evoke the fact that a new source is passing intelligence to the human and should cause wonder about our part in the understanding of ITS world.

This then shifts the person from their personal views and reactions to a more ‘open’ state, ready and prepared for further unfolding in the real process of understanding.

Just saying ‘I have got it’ is really the lowest level of understanding.

Being in process with the words and thinking about them is a middle level, but in the way the elevated process of the vertical line illuminates new pathways in the human, the real issue of understanding is that it causes in us a new alignment to ITS purposes (higher level), rather than a re-affirmation of our own.

Consider and contemplate this again and again until this shift becomes REAL in you and you can FEEL and NOTATE the difference.

Understanding (interestingly, it is a compound of ‘stand’ and ‘under’) is the notation of ITS influence in our world.

It is vital, as it says in the introduction, to struggle to register and notate in your awareness the way things process though you and the way they have an influence or can have an influence in aligning you to a new source – as in the image of being immersed in the ocean.

Module One goes on to say: ‘Evolution is occurring in large and small ways in these times and registering it in oneself can make the difference between acting or thinking along one path or another, towards quite different results. The opportunity for change is always close by – change is a small difference repeated many, many times.'

Did you SEE all this? Are you willing to see that we miss the ‘evolutary pressure’ to change in the way we read – and you might also consider that we miss so much in all else we do?

Try to register these few words that one could so easily pass over and miss the significance of.

Did you notate the difference between just going along a line (the base line) as you read from one page to another and being STOPPED to register the pattern it was describing?

Like passing a ‘beautiful’ sight we can say ‘wow’ and move on, or be stopped to really appreciate the sight (at all three levels).

Change begins in SEEING ‘what is’ and not doing something different.

You might now want to go back through module one, and SEE it through this template:

The event of life appears along the evolutary line whereas the survival of life and its ongoing adaption to new realities takes place along the evolutionary line – note!

Re-view the section on change and SEE the two different directions of change being spoken of – the distinct difference becomes clear along the two lines and once seen cannot be un-seen.

Anyone can make an intention to change (along the base line) but REAL EVO CHANGE requires a quite different set of balances, insights and perceptions that you will find when you look along the template pathways. 

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