EVO Change Process
Ways and Means of EVO Change

Introduction to ‘Catching the Way’ of EVO Change

EVO Ways are separated out from our ordinary habitual ways and are connected to the line of higher evolution, the event of being human – the ‘Evolutary Line’.

We are not a result of evolution, remember, we are conscious contributors. All ‘conscious action’ brings the human into the significant event of being human beyond mundane living.

Once you make a conscious effort to act from the Evolutary Line it is obvious that it is different (more evolved) than ordinary behavior that is mostly purposed to serve an individual’s needs.

You will find yourself SEEING Evo-Centered Behavior and acknowledging it as the expression of a new human level, as you will also see the mass of behavior that serves only to continue the line of run down and decline so evident in the world.

EVO Ways are found inside life, inside what we already do. As an example, we all do things each day like walk and talk and have conversation making a commentary on life, but largely we do these things from along the base line of the template, not thinking of the purpose ‘WHY’ we do what we do.

When we act inside the Evolutary Line, the EVO Change Process quietens the inner noise and supports an inner settlement of being a new human in a new time, playing a significant part.

The ways and means of living an EVO-Centered life rather than a self-centered life are being shared in Week Three of each month and more and more of these new ways will be shared with participants in future months, as you will discover new ways in your own life that you may come to share with others (along the evolutary line that would be natural to do).

These ways are not instructions about what to do – they are not at that level. They are ways that allow a joining and connection to the purpose of our times – so ‘catching the ways’ is meant to evoke the sense of ‘catching the waves’ in the water (if you remember the image of being immersed in the ocean) – they carry us along.

We, those of us engaged in the new global conversation, want to share these new ways that do not lead to conflict, but rather to harmony of purpose between people and the larger world we share.

Module One: The Event
‘Catching the Ways’ of a New Time

A common enough behavior is to ask another person, ‘How are you today?’

It’s a form of greeting in most western cultures. It may even be something you do in your own household at the beginning of each day.

‘Hello, how are you?’

‘I’m good’, ‘I’m fine’, ‘Running a bit late’… these are some common answers to the question.

To use a current metaphor, it’s like logging on with a person – you ask the question and they answer back as if to say, ‘Got it, I’m here’ and like a computer something familiar comes up on the screen.

Have you ever asked this question ‘How are you today’ with the anticipation of giving the other person the time to discover how they are?

And have you ever met a person who took the question as an opportunity for that?

Of course, you might say, this is impossible in our world as we rush from one thing to another. I have noted in America that one doesn’t even expect an answer to the ‘how are you’ question, but it might be possible with those people that one has a special relationship with to take a moment in time and ask yourself this question.

Among our team we ask the question ‘How are you?’ interested to know of each other the process they are in – knowing that we are all keen about human change and what is occurring today, this minute with each other in the ever-unfolding process and discovery of living.

Some of the most remarkable exchanges we have had with others comes from asking this simple question from the Evolutary Line and not just as a way of logging on as we do when turning on our computer.

If you catch the way of this, there are thousands of other examples in daily living where we serve one purpose and can consciously shift to a new purpose… 

Explore living – don’t just conform!

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