The EVO Change Process

Module One: Change As An Event

A ‘cosmic’ event of such enormity, a shift into something so utterly new and all-encompassing is taking place in evolution that the usual meaning of words falls utterly short of describing it.

We have even had to develop a new word to describe this event.

It is not a matter of how educated a person is as to whether they understand – understanding what is being said here comes from a different source than we are used to drawing from.

It is bound to be challenging at first – for all – to deeply understand.

As an example, you will hear the word evolution spoken about and perhaps it will link you to a (perhaps remote) scientific theory about the explanation of the origins of life.

This may cause you to wonder where the pioneers of this work stand about evolution and whether what is written here tallies with your own views or the ‘accepted’ views on the subject.

Evolution is a scientific fact not in contention here, but this work seeks to show a further ‘evolution’, a new phase of evolution, that we have had to find a new term for and will be calling an ‘evolutary’ phase.

It simply doesn’t help to try to see whether what is being said fits with what you already know / what is already part of the general conversation. Until you can SEE* the new perception that is being opened up here. 

*While familiar to all, capitalized, the word SEE is suggesting a level of unimpaired, unbiased sight that is able to discern the real and the true.

Evolution is occurring, is happening in the here and NOW, inside the becoming conscious human life, and is as tangible as the waves that wash against us when we swim in the ocean, as real as the evolution of reptiles first finding wings to fly.

It is occurring NOW and this fact changes everything – it is neither remote nor is it a set of sterile facts (not that it ever was) – it is a living reality for those who can understand and connect with it!

Evolution is occurring in large and small ways in these times and registering it in oneself makes the difference between acting or thinking in old ways, along one path or along a new and quite different path, towards quite different results in the unfolding of a quite different future.

The opportunity for change is always close by and present – if one can SEE it. Change is a small difference repeated many, many times that grows into a significant something.

Try to register these words about evolutary change that one could so easily pass over and miss the significance of – go back again and again if necessary.

A shift is trying to take place inside the human that can only become active when we are able to SEE it, register it in ourselves and recognize that it is a consequence of evolutionary pressures playing through us – and people worldwide are only just beginning to SEE it.

Without the context of ‘evolutionary pressures’ prompting human evolutary change, one is likely to dismiss what is going on inside oneself as personal, or biased or irrelevant and cut off the emerging sequence that would grow a new level of meaning and significance.

SEEING is the key, SEEING the opportunity for change.

The EVO Change Process translates this major event of fundamental inner human change into a coherent human engagement in a new time in which more and more people can come to experience this shift in themselves and join the emerging human team who are becoming conscious of their human part in a new time.

It is intensifying across the human species – this is already happening

While many people do not consciously register that they are in a process of transformative change in a new time, this event is occurring across the planet-wide – it is a dawning reality.

It is easy to talk about the subject of change and say, ‘we humans need to change’ and think we are saying something important, but unless one looks more carefully we might conflate old notions of change with what is actually occurring now – and miss the significance of these times.

Any person can think to themselves ‘I am going to change’ and undertake something that may seem important to them. They can set out for themselves goals with an intention about the way they will realize them and a timeframe within which they will have reached that goal and declare at that point that they have now ‘changed’.

They can make the object of their intention a goal to alter something mundane or important they want to achieve in their life, or even make it about changing something about themselves and the way they conduct themselves in living – all with the underlying notion of self-improvement.

‘I want to be a better, slimmer, healthier person’, all these things are goals people set themselves and they are ‘real’, at least for the person in their world, in as much as they can show the evidence that this ‘change’ has taken place.

Whole industries have emerged to support these kinds of intentions, with specializations in areas such as leadership, relationships and so on.

But change of this kind relates to the person, in their world, perhaps in the context of a relationship with a partner or family or to work or career.

This level of change is in no way what this work is proposing – not even remotely.

EVO Change stems from a quite different impulse and shows a quite different underlying structure.

The premise of this work is that it is that it is evolutionary pressures that are exercising themselves on human life showing that we must change – if life on this planet is to continue. The future depends upon it.

Quite simply, without human change there is no future. It is not a casual option to take up – it is a response to the very real question each life faces as to whether they will live in any significant way while here on this earth.

Like a car heading off a cliff, we simply cannot hope we are going to change this ailing world and steer the car away from veering off the road (a metaphor for the interconnected nexus of challenges we have created for ourselves living on this planet) using these same old structures of change that we use to lose weight or achieve success in business.

Unless we begin with ourselves first – unless we recognize what it means that we humans need to change and why – we can only do more of the same.

Until we undertake real change we don’t even SEE that we do not have our hands on the steering wheel.

The EVO Change Process identifies a new phase of evolution as the direction of deep change – a change that is already occurring – now.

The modules will show the way this new ‘evolutary’ phase, as distinct from the well documented evolutionary narrative of life where we adapt and alter to survive (as in the description above of change at personal and intergovernmental levels), offers a new start for human life – at a new level.

EVO Change directly engages the human in an elevation of function and purpose and not just in an adaptation of different behavior (that we might previously have called change).

Real change causes a consciousness of ourselves having a new level of responsibility for life on this planet, for others and for ourselves (some call it a ‘new altruism’).

It is a growing up, from an adolescent phase that we have so long occupied to a mature adulthood.

The permission for this new change is present in the unfolding story of life and we humans are being pressed to take up this evocation to change in line with and intertwined with other evolutionary narratives that include the state of the planet itself (also undergoing change).


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