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TODAYS NEWS: We ask you to share this as humanity is dying through lack of compassion.

CNN (Thursday, February 8, 2018)
(new deportation initiative from the US government).

Amer Adi was put on a plane and deported to Jordan, the country he left 39 years ago to pursue his American dream.

His 94-year-old mother sat in a wheelchair at the arrivals gate, overcome with emotion as she waited for Adi.

She hadn't seen him in 20 years." 

If you have been following EVO News each week, you will know that we are trying to awaken in humanity the consciousness of a new level of response – and quite simply we cannot go on as we do and think there will be a world to live in 30 years from now.

Now this tragic story (above) leapt out of the pages of CNN this morning and you may wonder in what way this can have anything to do with conscious EVO Change – but it does.

Conscious Suffering

A conscious person reads this story and consciously suffers. They do not say ‘too bad’ and they do not shout out (although they might), but they let the inhumanity and ignorance of this story run through their systems TO THE FULL – careful not to be emotionally indulgent – just to register what this is and what it represents.

The conscious person has clear pathways for expediting such stories and it is important to let this process occur IN FULL – otherwise we clog up and impediment our own pathways of human response.

I have sat here for an hour staring at the story – and it re-enforces in me the need to dedicate my life again and again to not let such things live in my inner world in any casual way and to ensure my actions bring some easement and relief to humanity – now on the edge of extinction.

We ask you to PLEASE SHARE THIS – and access the full writings on conscious change and the EVO Change Process  before it is too late! 

With our partners, we are seeking to support REAL HUMAN CHANGE – find out more from our events page ( and the affiliated websites and spread the news – TODAY!

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  1. Lari Junkkari

    Conscious suffering – conscious response to suffering. Those are the issues we need to face NOW. In a time when most people seem to be pursuing personal happiness at any cost, a temptation to close one’s eyes in order to avoid seeing the rampant suffering of countless millions of people and animals and vast expanse of nature is so strong.

    One of the reasons to that is in disability to understand the very essence of life. Death, dying, whithering, growing old and week, illnesses and accidents are natural parts of the cycle of life. Ongoing continuity of Winters, Springs, Summers and Falls is wittnessing on necessity of different phases of birth, blossoming, bearing fruit and dying. These seasons we see also in human life, and all that includes sorrow and grief and pain at time of death and separation. We can consciously prepare ourselves to those moments of transition.

    A completely different thing are planned, gallous, cruel, narsistic, nationalistic, egoistic, calculated, greedy actions to purposely CAUSE suffering upon fellow human beings and and animals and the rest of biosphere. We are called HUMAN BEINGS but mostly this humankind does not deserve this noble title, because in our summed up actions we seem to be unhuman beings.
    I have found out that this EVO Change Process is a source of light to help me to SEE what could be my part in conscious, constructive suffering (=putting myself in line of service) and in conscious actions in front of undue suffering. I am calling you into conversation around this.

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