Today’s media is buzzing with the latest drama – US footballers not standing up when the American anthem is played and the flag is unfurled – as an act of protest.

Michael Dwyer/AP

Now there are two reactions, ‘it is right to do that’ and ‘it is wrong’ and these are now facing off against each other – as if that were the sports game…

Ironically, one of the purposes of sport is to allow two opposing sides to be at war – safely – and then walk away respecting the other side.

And here is a simple Evolutary Template (always try to see the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ and ‘what’) to show that we are looking at the wrong issue in the wrong way.


Do we know the ‘why’ the purpose in standing up for the flag? If the flag is a reminder (to flag something is to signal its meaning) then the sight of the flag should evoke a reflection on the meaning of the flag, what it flags to each of us (American or not) about what America stands for and what we can stand for in acknowledgement and HONOR of the flag.


How people respond today is divided – America is overtly a divided country and the force of its constitutional power that once coursed through what it did has become dispersed.


What this shows is that we have all assumed that we value and love and honor our country / our life / our opportunity – but mostly we let ourselves become familiar with things of value. When this occurs, when we become separated from principle, every nation, every organization, every family, every person needs to return to the original meaning (enshrined in the constitution) of what America stands for – together.

This incident shows that America has become dispersed from and lost to this original meaning – just as we have lost our connection to what it means to be human and what is being flagged by this story is that we must re-evoke and re-find the principles that allow ALL human life to gather in the opportunity of life (the same for all).

SEE that there is a significance in this story for human change far beyond the local play out of events – if we can SEE it.

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