‘Illuminating’, ‘A new language to understand the human’, ‘The deepest book I have read’, ‘An integrated system – complete’, ‘So insightful’, ‘Ahaaa moments on every page….’, these are some of the comments from the many testimonials on Richard Bowell’s books.

  • Roz Savage (MBE and Yale Professor)
  • Sir John Whitmore (Founder of Coaching)
  • The Bishop of Finland
  • Dr. Kurt Johnson (Author, Evolutionary Biologist)
  • Ken Wilber (Author and Philosopher)
  • Dr. Stephen Porges (Evolutionary Biologist)
  • Danah Zohar (Author and Oxford Professor)
  • Dr Stephen Covey (Best-selling Author)
  • Phyllis Lee (Secretary, UN Chief Executives Board)
  • Doug King (President, Presence International)
  • Kingsley Mogalu (Head, World Health Organization Global Fund) amongst so many others…


Waking Up Growing Up

The Last Unpolluted Place on Earth Is Inside Our Selves

“The Seven Steps of Spiritual Intelligence” – translated into the language of 10 countries

“The Wisdom Process”

“Coaching the Soul”

“Waking Up To Our Evolutionary Responsibility”

“The Last Unpolluted Place On Earth… Is Inside Our Selves”

Due for release in 2018 “The Living Pathway”