We read the news and then react – ‘this is bad, is so wrong, must be sorted out, eradicated…’ we say and, by habit, we leave the heavy footprints of our anger or frustration or judgment on the landscape around us.

The first insight is always to SEE what something is and only then make a measured response.

Today, as an example, the ‘news’ announces the following: ‘Last year an estimated 60,000 Americans died from drug overdoses — more than the total US death toll in the Vietnam War, which lasted more than a decade.  Opioids are now the leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 50. This year’s toll looks set to be higher’.


Shall we ban it, criminalize it, or should we offer help and support to those who are suffering addiction? The battle lines get quickly drawn and people, in turn, add their weight to one side or the other.

But let us try and SEE what is the case – first – and then make a measured response.

We are looking at habit, the way something becomes a habit and the way the habit needs to be fed until we need new descriptions of the habit, such as ‘addiction’ and being ‘in the grip’ of an addiction and so on…

Now habit plays a part in the human experience, but it has come to play an unfortunate part away from its rightful purpose.  We have a way, by habit, of walking, eating, talking, thinking… we can even observe it in others (and ourselves) and see that a person will interject into a conversation at the same time, with the same kind of comment again and again and, as one observes it, one can see that a person can become locked by habit.

What must NEVER become subject to habit is the appreciation of the human faculty and the fact that we each have the opportunity to refine our levels of response to be new each day and each moment – and here is the core INSIGHT that informs about WHY so many become locked in unfortunate habit:

We are not engaged in our human development and growth and emergence as significant players in the narrative of evolution.

If one dwells on the above (it is just a simple beginning into a profound insight), it will reveal so much – but by habit a person might read the above and say to themselves ‘sure, of course, I understand that…’ and cut themselves off from a powerful contemplation of life and its living purpose, BY HABIT!

Think about it – try to struggle against the mental habit that reduces everything to YOUR terms and try to enter ITS world – the world of opportunity.

Yes, so many unfortunate side effects today are the consequence of not being engaged in the enhanced opportunity of living – and consider how many would be saved from themselves if they just undertook this single wise and measured response.

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