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CNN (Thursday, February 15, 2018)
"Another 'unspeakable tragedy' at a US school leaves 17 dead in Florida"

  • Another? Such an innocent word that programs us in a way to become numb, to not SEE the truth of what goes on in our world.
  • Another? A word that connects us to so many other incidents of this kind that we now say are part of everyday life.
  • Another? In a long row of such things of which there will be more.

  • For the becoming conscious human it is impossible to go beyond this first word – it should cause an inner awakening.

    John McCall/South Florida Sun-Sentinel/AP

    It is NOT ‘another’ for the father, the mother, the brother, the sister, the friend.

    It is not ‘another’, cannot be explained away by the word ‘another’ – it is the first time it has occurred and is a uniquely impacting moment in the lives of those immediately involved and those who choose to SEE what it represents.

    We know (if we accept ‘another') that the impact will pass away in a few days, to be supplanted by ‘another’ tragedy in another place of a similar kind, some time later.

    Just see how habitual patterns like ‘another’ numb the system to what the case is and condition us to it occurring again...

    … and gradually the human condition declines and we cannot remember a time where this was not part of our ‘human’ experience.

    Taking a moment to find and then tell oneself the real narrative of this is essential to not become numb and to not lay the ground for this to become an acceptable part of life.

    ‘Another’ bad day, another rude interaction, another opportunity for courtesy to be demonstrated, another opportunity to respond to someone in distress…

    Wake Up and Live!

    Until what is occurring penetrates beyond this habitual level of awareness, life will decline little by little, from one tragedy to the next…

    Ask yourself, will this matter in three days? Not just the incident, but the fact that we have become immune and have almost ceased to care until we get jolted into some small moment of awareness.

    Care here and now – there may not be another opportunity to exercise care.

    Now Here is a Real Human Response

     "A child of God is dead," said the former FBI agent, speaking on "The Situation Room" with anchor Wolf Blitzer.

     "Cannot we acknowledge in this country that we cannot accept this?" he asked, choking back tears.

     "I can't do it, Wolf," he added, breaking down. "I'm sorry. I can't do it."

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    1. Dear Richard – I find it hard to breathe, reading this article. It penetrates to the core – I can feel myself melting with these words.

      • Lari Junkkari

        This article is so strong and timely response to what happened. With tears in my eyes I say: Thank you! I have sent it through e-mails and Twitter to my own contacts. At the same time here in Finland we are in our own grief process remembering that exactly 100 years ago brothers and sister were killing each others starting a civil war just after the Independence Declaration.
        A long time people were talking about ‘enemies’. Gradually there is rising an atonement attitude, a broader understanding of collective quilt. Still as humankind most of all of us seem to be sloppy in our talking, speaking so easily about killing, especially when so called ‘nationalism’ and ‘patriotism’ is involved. The article above is talking about SEEING. I start with myself asking how shut my inner eyes are.

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