Global Center for Human Evolutary Change

‘The only significant change we can make is to join the next steps in our
evolutionary story – we call it EVO Change!’

Dear Oprah Winfrey,

People are asking: "Will Oprah run for President?"

Paul Drinkwater /NBC/via AP

Already polls are making predictions and people are voicing their opinions - but NO, this is the wrong question!

We know the old duality is dying / becoming extinct and only greater and greater conflict awaits us along that path – you of all people know this.

Compassion for others and all forms of life, respect for the planet… these are ONE WORLD issues and issues you have spent your life bringing to people's awareness.

We, the Human

A real movement of change is underway – an EVO Change –where integration and the coming together of what is best in humans illuminates all our choices. It is the domain of no political party or persuasion – it is a new and an unsullied start for new hope – we call it simply, ‘We, the Human’.

It is what the evolution story suggests is our next steps if we are to have a future. Through this third way people can come together.

We encourage travelling to every town and city and village with others of KIND to talk about what makes human life significant and shift the global conversation from what is wrong to what is possible.

You can play such a part in bringing people’s minds and feelings together and gather the funds to support any person (of any party or any project) that adheres to the basic human constitution of life (of which the American constitution was at one time the finest articulation) and free up the vast human resource for good.

We will help, others will help. The politicians who know better may see a place to shift to, the young who cannot flourish in the turgid (polluted) climate of today’s discourse will feel that they are close to co-creating a new future together with ourselves.

The first step is to lightly sketch the basic human constitution – but you, with your guests, have touched upon the significant elements of this constitution a thousand times over the years. 


Nelson Mandela said it: "We cannot make an impact on the world until we undertake change in ourselves" – you have said it yourself!

We know the basic constitution of life. We, the human all know that:

  • Humans are born free and have choice but that choice needs to be illumined choice –not shallow options governed to economics and personality culture (Natural Education).

  • Poverty makes us all poor – sharing enriches life (Building Community).

  • Unnecessary suffering is a reflection of ourselves and a culture that has lost sight of human EVO-centered values (Wise Government).

  • Arguing about whether we should build a wall or condemn others from other cultures and beliefs or not helps nothing but creates division (rather than Real Dialogue).

Help the world to find a new start within themselves, otherwise there will soon be no parties left to even prosecute the old politics – there will be no habitable world to argue over – we all know, we all already know this.

There is a reason you and so many others find themselves at this juncture. Don’t answer the old questions that bring us at odds – let us embrace instead unity and consciousness.

We, the human, know better, much, much better.

Richard A. Bowell
On behalf of the Global Center for Human Evolutary Change

– New York / The World


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