Evolution has brought us to this point.

What is occurring in our times impresses itself upon each one of us, if we took a moment to notate and register the fact – we cannot continue as we do.  Life in its current form is not sustainable.

The Evolutary™ Process’, the emerging human consciousness of our new part in the unfolding evolutionary story, shows exactly and irrevocably that we humans need to change from the inside to address the challenges we face ‘on the outside’ from a new level.

Evolutary’ is a term we employ to describe a new line of evolution about our emerging human consciousness of our part in the evolution story.

Over the years the scientific community has spoken highly of our pioneering work as have United Nations officials and leaders internationally – we share with you each week the way this ‘evolutary process’ changes everything!

Do we not think of evolution as this vast process that all life is undergoing where the fittest of each species evolves to survive?

But in these times, the ‘fittest’ who corner the market, take the most resources, conquer lands and other species are contributing to the downfall of ALL LIFE.

Those who are ‘fittest for the future’ now seem to be those who show a benign attitude to life, who work cooperatively with all life, who are altruistic in their disposition.

Human change to this new kind of human is shown through The Evolutary Process.  For the first time, the change we are undergoing is taking place in the present time, we can observe it, partake in it, even fortify it – in our selves.  We show how it is linked to the actual evolutionary pressures pressing in on us at this moment in time.

As an example, it was inevitable that humans would ‘use up’ the resources of the planet that we once felt entitled to plunder at will and that the planet would push back in the way we now witness… pollution, global warming and the breakdown of the environment.

We now have no place to go but inside ourselves to address the challenges we face – and the pressure to go inside ourselves is the only place left to go to find new solutions…

A human movement of change is being guided by evolutionary pressures that we are all experiencing – and it is taking us inside ourselves!

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