Rohingya refugee crisis a ‘human rights’ nightmare UN Chief tells Security Council…

United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterras, talks of the need to ‘eradicate’ the conditions that support the refuge crisis.

Who can look at these starving people, the faces of the children and not feel compassion, not want to clench one’s fists and also ‘eradicate’ what allows such suffering to continue.

At HEC we feel this, too and have ‘fought’ all our lives to try to ‘make’ the world a better place to live in – but today we are asking not just ‘what’ we can we do, but whether we can SEE what the real situation is.

Through evolutionary history we have come to see such events as are depicted in the picture above as ‘external’ to ourselves, not really SEEING that the conditions that have allowed the world to become like this began inside ourselves.

Just consider the way global warming, another external event, has needed scientific ‘proof’ to ‘convince us’ against so much resistance that it is real and that we, humans, have been responsible for the breakdown of the planet’s ecology.

In the same way, there are lines from the picture above to each one of us that show our responsibility if we can just SEE – if we can escape the habit of how we look and what reactions we have.

It is not sustainable, we know, to live as we do – it is OUR SELVES that must change.

We, humans, need to undertake an ‘evolutary change’ to bring us into alignment with our true place in the evolving story of life – we are not outside the world, we are the change that can allow a new world to appear…

Join us, the Global Movement of ‘We, the Human’, in doing more than eradicating what is wrong, but in establishing a new level of humanity – let us share the ways of essential human change with you…

The HEC Team at the Global Center, New York

Copyright © Richard A. Bowell, 2017

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