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Let me begin somewhere else for a moment.

I got a Facebook message from someone I know in New York writing what they obviously thought was a critique of the Florida shootings and clearly saying how terrible it was – but humans have largely lost the ability to say when something is BULLSHIT and talking ‘about something’ is not the point.

These times do not require taking the high road or the low road, but saying accurately what is and now…

Listen to this young man and young lady speak the truth – and let us add:

If you want to do something about firearms, US government, then do it now! Stay up all night long until it is done, like you do for taxes and like you do for arguing.

These young people are speaking from a singular core – there is no duality – it is exactly what is – it is what is.

So many people are making this complicated by being drawn into a duality and even talking about how to define ‘what is an assault weapon’ – IT IS NOT COMPLICATED to the clean non-cynical human.

And because we get drawn into argument and false discourse and critique and smart comments about ‘if only’ this or that, we lose touch with the core of humanity IN OURSELVES.

This is a moment in time when IT HAS TO STOP and IT HAS TO STOP NOW!

And if you cannot reach that point in yourself, it may be that we all have to look at all the times we saw what was wrong and walked past it or talked around it and covered over our core humanity – and then we might apologize to these young people and support them and stand alongside them.

EVO NEWS has this to say: We stand alongside you.

The becoming conscious human is trying to find ways to express
the impulse of life flowing through them!

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