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Is this first line of the article really true?

Just look at the faces… are they angry in the way psychology reads emotion?

In fact, none of the features of expressed anger are on their faces throughout the whole interview.

We need a whole new language to describe recent events and the team here have been consciously standing alongside these young spirits to ensure that we, humans, do not try to reduce their responses to the same old measurements – this is NEW!

We call it ‘accurate anger’ – to be angry, not about the person, but about what purpose allows the person to think what they think and do what they do.

It is a cool anger that pushes back what is less than human to make way for what is of real purpose in humanity’s unfolding steps to emerge.

To us this was another remarkable feature of these young lives – they were not 'out of control' angry (and that in itself is hugely impressive), but they forged a new way by saying what purposes could no longer be allowed to run human affairs beyond this point.

And it is alongside this – we are proud to STAND!

The EVO News Team  

Can you see an arising of the evolutionary impulse in these young people, not yet cynical enough to close themselves to it and not so locked by habit to not be able to find a HUMAN response?

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