In 1975 I disappeared – at least that is what my university friends and professors at McGill University in Montreal must have concluded.

From Medical School to the Department of Philosophy, I made my way awkwardly along the halls of academia until something changed my life. One day I left and told no one.

Someone I knew from childhood wrote to tell me ‘It is here’. It was the way we always spoke about finding ‘the truth’ and communicating it to the other.

I received a letter after years of silence, ‘I have found it’, he wrote and as agreed I came immediately back to London.

For a second time, I picked up my passport and what cash I had (having also left home in London spontaneously at the age of 16) and went back to England to find out more.

I then spent 11 years in deep discovery and, as is universally the case but not universally SEEN, all that I sought to know I discovered was IN ME. I was able to understand all that was important to know without previous study, without books, without being ‘told’.

It is one thing to study meditation, consciousness, personal growth, natural theater, spiritual and religious pathways, healing, communication and leadership skills in courses at institutions – it is quite something else to FIND all these great arts and studies within the actual real context of living – to find them inside one’s self.

Some cannot even grasp what that might mean to discover truth inside oneself – so overwhelming is the noise of the inner conversation inside ourselves that drowns out the real inner sequences of knowledge.

To look at examples of wholescale pollution and say, ‘how terrible’, to be warned of global warming and its consequences and blithely say ‘that cannot be good’ or some such inane comment… these are examples of the inner world human conversation that becomes our collective outer world conversation – and it is here, within, that SEEING real change begins.

The context of life is that we are a part of evolution’s unfolding and only within that context can we really SEE things as they are. One cannot say ‘Oh meditation, leadership, consciousness that sounds interesting…’ and hope to progress within the purpose of living.

It has taken me most of my life to master this WAY OF ACCESSING knowledge and many years more contemplating its place and making sense of it in the world situation today – inside myself.

Years on a remote Greek island and a further five years with a research team that grew from my work at the United Nations in New York, I devoted my time to putting this together in a form that ALL can engage with, all can access.

What is now being shared with the world at this crucial time is called the EVO Change Process and it is the way each of us can connect to the living pathway of life by engaging in evolution’s next steps, beginning from inside ourselves.

The global conversation, so heated and full of conflict, cannot change until we change that conversation within the inner event of being a human.

Join us, let us share this with you and come alongside your fellow humans who, in transforming themselves have earned the opportunity to be of service in establishing a new world.