This last week, the news has been dominated by coverage of the G20 summit in Hamburg. Issues of climate change and trade have predominated. The leaders of 4/5ths of the world’s economy talked and produced declarations – all seeking to ‘shape the future’.

The media have focused on certain interactions, key moments, they have highlighted tensions and alliances and the drama as it has unfolded.

It is difficult to watch all this and not get drawn in (and the vast press coverage suggests that the majority of people are drawn in), unless one has an inner template through which to SEE the real meaning of events and not the external drama that is represented.

Until one decides what is important, one is distracted by headlines and the relentless air time given to peripheral events.

To decide what is important is to take the time to figure out whether there is any purpose in living here on this planet, what that purpose might be and what that requires of us to live in harmony and accord with that purpose.

Until one has at least undertaken that study, one is subjected to the ebb and flow of what others are doing and is not thinking ‘for one self’.

When events in the external world become the orbit around which we live, then the world of people is out of balance and this is what we see all around us.

Can you SEE that issues such as climate change and inequality are a consequence of this ‘out of balance’ state that has become the culture that proliferates around this planet?

To pause for even a moment and ask oneself what is the center of balance of one’s life is a valuable moment in a day that is run by external pressures.

Until we SEE that this is the REAL news and what occurs in the external theater is not, the consequences of our imbalances can only intensify – to the peril of all life on this planet.

Copyright © Richard A. Bowell, 2017

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