We are bombarded by news items every day stirring our concern about events around the world from the changing weather patterns to conflicts and crises and the fragile state of affairs on our planet.
We are all encouraged to take sides and support one plan or another to make the world safer, better and more sustainable…

The perpetual conflict between nations and within nations rages on… but all is a distraction from the real news.

Have you ever wondered what is the REAL news?

We humans cannot continue as we do – we have to CHANGE if we are to continue to play a part in a new world.

Evolutary News* shows that at the heart of every news item we read about is something more fundamental more vital and more real and it is this:

The impact we have and continue to have on our environment is the defining evidence of our times that we cannot continue to live as we do. We will not have a planetary home to live in beyond 2100 (the latest scientific consensus estimates) if we ignore the warnings.

The research team behind these writings have worked in and around the United Nations with people deeply committed to a response to the pressing challenges of our times. All agree that we cannot hope to ‘adapt’ to our new reality in the short span of time that scientists suggest remains… something else is needed!

The leading figures in the environmental movement all agree that we humans need to change, but the question is, what is Human Change in the context of our evolutionary next steps?
Is change more than just changing the choices we make, whether to use greener kinds of energy rather than fossil fuel or cardboard containers rather than plastic ones?

Evolutary News* shows that, at root, the fundamental choice we all face in these times is being / becoming more fully human FIRST and choosing to affirm in ourselves our next step in the evolving story of life.

*We have used the term ‘evolutary’ to describe the unique and emerging consciousness we humans are developing in understanding our part in bringing about a new future.

Until we change our fundamental values about the significance and purpose of being human we cannot address the challenges we face from a new level… and this is only possible when we SEE ourselves within the greater purpose of life and not as self- centered beings.
Based on more than 15 years of research, the ‘Evolutary Process’ at the heart of Evolutary News shows for the first time the coherent next steps we can all take in our evolving human journey…

We are in the middle of a Movement of Human Change sweeping the planet and are only just beginning to SEE it.

Care to join us? BEGIN NOW!

Copyright © Richard A. Bowell, 2017

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