It has suddenly become possible to think in terms of a ‘global’ mindfulness – a single theme that the world entire is contemplating.

The world is a brain (not metaphorically so, but actually so) where the networks of connection are becoming wired into one single focus – the future of life on this planet.

The evidence is already there in brain science that there is a possibility for an arcing across the whole brain – and, in just the same way (actually, not metaphorically), the world can become attuned to one single sequence of thought.

It is one thing to gather representatives from 193 countries into the UN Headquarters to find agreement – it is something else that a sequence of thought uses the already existing network of brains on this planet to spread itself.

The Evolutary Process of change is taking place across the human race. It is different from change that is driven by social or cultural forces or political pressures – it is driven by evolutionary pressures exercising themselves directly on the inner human world and bringing conscious that:

  • We cannot continue to think we can live as we have done on this planet without the direst consequences.
  • We are rendered incapable of finding solutions ‘at the same level’ and therefore there is a pressure on us to change (not behavior, not the way we do things, but deep transformational change in the purpose, the ‘why’ that guides living.
  • This new level of purpose is transcendent on the human – we are no longer instigators of change but in the mode of listening and translating and catching new ways…

The age of ego driven power is ceding to a new structure of human where we are becoming a secondary principle responding to a new purpose rather than a first principle (assumed) that exploits the planet and other life for its own survival.

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