Month: December 2017



We all must surely know by now that we cannot continue as we do, acting as we do, treating life as we do – and hope there will be a future for those yet to come. All the evidence indicates that the breakdown of our planet, of life on this planet […]

The EVO Change Process – Module One – Week Three

EVO Change ProcessWays and Means of EVO Change Introduction to ‘Catching the Way’ of EVO ChangeEVO Ways are separated out from our ordinary habitual ways and are connected to the line of higher evolution, the event of being human – the ‘Evolutary Line’.We are not a result of evolution, remember, […]

The EVO Change Process – Module One – Week One

The EVO Change ProcessModule One: Change As An Event A ‘cosmic’ event of such enormity, a shift into something so utterly new and all-encompassing is taking place in evolution that the usual meaning of words falls utterly short of describing it.We have even had to develop a new word to describe […]

The EVO Change Process – Module One – Week Two

The EVO Change ProcessTemplates for Human Evolutary Change ​The human is a template. Simply put, it can be said that human life is ‘designed’ to be able to facilitate ‘new’ intelligence (from the hitherto unknown and unseen) and to bring it into process and function. The human design is an […]


richard a. bowellThe EVO Change ProcessConscious Evolution’Changing The Global Conversation’​ Welcome!The EVO Change Process is an introduction to the larger body of work on Human Evolutary Change, developed by the author, Richard Bowell.It began as a program with United Nations staff at UN Headquarters in New York and has developed […]